Mosaic Axolotls


Are you interested in familiarizing yourself with the vast family of axolotls?

If yes, then knowing the name and details of mosaic axolotls is worth it. So, here in this article, we will let you know about this exotic color morph of Mexican Salamanders.

Mosaic axolotls come with a beautiful black and white-colored body with golden speckles. Unfortunately, they are pretty rare to find, which makes them pricier than others.

However, mosaic axolotl are quite easy to care for in a 20-gallon tank, where they can grow up to 10-18 inches.

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Species Overview

The family of axolotl has a large number of exciting facts to unfold in front of you. Firstly, axolotls are native to the Mexican lake, Xochimilco, where they thrive well in high-altitude waters.


Another interesting fact about axolotls is that even though they look like fish, they are basically amphibians. However, unlike frogs or other salamanders, they do not live on land after reaching adulthood. Instead, axolotl choose to thrive in the waters for the rest of their life.

It is said that axolotls are never fully grown. Instead, axolotls possess a highly brilliant regenerative power that makes them re-grow their limbs numerous times if they lose any due to injuries.

Nevertheless, do you know they have more than 15 color morphs, which makes them worth a community to learn about? Mosaic axolotls are one of those variants that come with 2 different types of colors.

Their color can be split through the middle of their body, or they can come up with a mix of colors spread throughout the entire body. Well, mosaic axolotls can be produced from any two types of axolotl morphs.


Mosaic axolotl usually come with their body mottled in white and black colors, along with the touch of golden flecks. Well, from the color description, you can imagine how brilliant and unique they look.

These axolotls also possess gills with striped red and purple colors. In addition, their multicolored eyes add more uniqueness to their look.

Most mosaic axolotl are usually derived from a combination of albino and melanoid parents. They are primarily created due to the fusion of two eggs into one. Hence, each of their body cells shows colors from both parents randomly. And this is the real secret behind their exotic color range.

But it must be noted that you cannot breed these species. They are beautiful accidents, which are rare to find at any nearby local axolotl shop.



Unlike any other form of salamanders, axolotl are relatively longer. They tend to grow up to 10-18 inches. However, the normal body length for mosaic axolotls is around 7-9 inches.


When it comes to body mass, adult mosaic axolotls weigh between 5-12 ounces, as per their length and growth. Food and tank water quality work as one of the most crucial factors that promote axolotls’ growth.

It is pretty normal for female mosaic axolotls to have a slightly heavier appearance than males. However, the male specimens are longer than their female counterparts. Male mosaic axolotls usually have larger vents and deeper vertical grooves along the side of their bodies.

Mosaic axolotls are usually slow-growing creatures and gain most of their body mass during the first 2 years of their lifetime. However, owing to their regenerative power, they are said to grow for their entire life.


Mosaic axolotls are usually long-lived like any other axolotls. They can generally live up to 10-15 years, making them a pretty cost-effective tank addition.

However, their living capability is entirely dependent on the type of care you provide them. Poor water quality, notorious tank mates, lack of nutritious foods, etc., can make them sick and susceptible to death.

Tank Setup

While you think of welcoming mosaic axolotls and taking the initiative to start caring for them in your tank, you need to be highly specific about their tank requirements. So, here is how you can care for them in your tank.

Tank Size

Choosing the right tank is highly crucial to offer the best care to your little axolotls. It would be better to provide them with a roomy tank having enough space to let them swim freely.

We recommend you opt for a 20-gallon tank for one axolotl. Also, make sure that the tank has a solid lid to prevent your jumping buddies from coming out of the tank and ending up injured.

Water Parameters

Maintaining proper water conditions is crucial to ensure the good health of your mosaic axolotl. They tend to thrive happily in a freshwater tank having a pH range of 6.5-8. The optimum pH level to keep mosaic axolotls healthy lies in the range of 7-7.5.

These axolotl species prefer living in cold water. Thus, make sure the water temperature for their tank is not more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature within the range of 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit suits them the best.


Water filtration needs to be top-notch for the tank of your mosaic axolotl. In addition, the filtration must be strong enough to deal with the heavy mess that these axolotls generate.


Thus, it would be better to opt for an external canister filter or a bio sponge filter for the tank of your mosaic axolotls. These filters not only keep the water clean but also generates less powerful water currents for the well-being of the specimens.


The substrate setup is critical for the tank of mosaic axolotls. The tank must have a delicate substrate that will not hurt their skin.

Besides, axolotls have a notorious behavior of gulping any small object that fits their mouth. So, it is not uncommon for them to consume any small stones or gravel from the substrate. Hence, we recommend you add fine sand or bigger rocks as the substrate of your tank.

Keeping the tank bottom bare can also be an option, but it would be slippery enough for your axolotls to walk, which can cause stress build-up in them.

Food & Diet

The food requirement of mosaic axolotls is not much complex. They happily accept a wide range of carnivorous foods.

In the wild, they typically eat worms, insects, and small fish or larvae. So, when they reside in your tank, give them a similar type of diet to support their healthy growth.

Here are some food items that you can offer them to maintain their good health.

  • Bloodworms
  • Frozen Brine
  • Mysis Shrimp
  • Live Nightcrawlers
  • Red Wigglers
  • Lean Beef Heart
  • Small fish

Mosaic Axolotl Care

As already said before, mosaic axolotls are not too tough to care for. Instead, their care needs are pretty straightforward. So, the following are a few things that you must consider before caring for them.

  • Make sure you are never handling them bare-handed. It is always recommended to use a mesh net to catch and transfer them to other aquariums during regular water changes.
  • Mosaic axolotls need clean water to survive. So, it is imperative to take all the possible measures to keep the tank properly filtered and tidy.
  • There must not be any sharp object or substrate in the tank of your mosaic axolotl, as it can easily harm their soft and delicate skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What things should you keep in mind before buying mosaic axolotl?

  • While buying mosaic axolotls, you will mostly find the juvenile ones that come with a size of 2.5-4 inches. However, you may not see them easily at any pet stores since they cannot be bred.
  • Also, as they are rare color morphs, you will need to pay a higher price than the usual variants of axolotls. However, make sure you are paying for a healthy one. It will be better if you consult your vet beforehand.
  • Before purchasing one as your pet, make sure they are legal to own, export, or import at your place. US states like California, Maine, Virginia, and New Jersey have put a complete ban on the selling or buying of mosaic axolotls. So, keep a check on that before buying one.

Do mosaic axolotl make good pets?

Like other variants, mosaic axolotls can also be a great addition to home tanks due to their attractive appearance. Well, here are a few more reasons to support your decision to keep a mosaic axolotl in captivity.

  • They love to be a pet and possess friendly behavior towards their caregivers.
  • They are quite rare to find. Hence, it can be a unique addition to your tank, making others find it quite fascinating.
  • Mosaic axolotls are hardy enough and can thrive well in a wide range of water parameters. So, their care requirements are not much more difficult to accomplish.
  • They can happily thrive in a species-only tank without facing any loneliness-related stress.

Final Thoughts

Mosaic axolotls are one of the many exotic variants that never fail to catch spectators’ attention. They not only serve to be a beautiful addition to a well-decorated tank, but they also possess a very docile behavior, which makes them a good pet.

Even though mosaic axolotls are pricey, they are worth paying for, as they are beautiful accidents that cannot be artificially bred. So, if you find one, be sure that you are lucky!

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