Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana


Common name: Malaysian Gold Asian Arowana, Asian Arowana, Dragon Fish, as well as Oriental Bonytongue
Scientific name: Scleropages Formosus
Ordinary Adult Fish Dimension: 36 inches/ 90 cm
Place of Origin: Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, as well as Cambodia
Normal Storage tank configuration: A great deal of swimming area is required. Enhance with rock work, bogwood/driftwood and also sturdy plants. A perturbed Asian Arowana may root out plants with bad origin systems.

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Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana

Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana this group of fish are occasionally (rather strangely) called “BONY TONGUES” due to a toothed plate of bone that they carry the lower part of their mouth Because of their appearances, arowanas are additionally sometimes recognized (specifically in Asian countries) as “dragon fish” or “shui long” in Chinese. Mythology tells us that AROWANAS bring good luck, given that they look like a typical Chinese dragon. They’re highly predative fish that you’ll frequently see elegantly patrolling the surface of the water Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana For Sale It is crucial that the aquarium has a tight suitable as well as secured lid that is incredibly solid. Arownas are devoted jumpers as well as can conveniently knock a hefty glass lid onto the flooring! Many an Arowana has been shed this way. They do not endure inadequate water high quality, so superb purification in addition to constant partial water adjustments of 25% or more is called for to maintain nitrates reduced. Buy Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana Online The Red Tail Golden Asian Arowana is found in Indonesia (Pekan Baru). They are more common and more affordable than Cross-Back Gold Asian Arowana since they are more abundant in the wild, as well as the fact that they are not as “Gold” as the Cross-Back Golden Asian Arowana. They are also a little more aggressive Cross-Back Golden Arowana which they otherwise have many of the same traits as. The Green Tail Asian Arowana is usually found in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Due to the large coverage, there can be a lot more difference in these than in other Asian Arowana. Most are grayish green, and have a head that is larger and rounder then other varieties buy Golden Crossback Arowana affordable price with free shipping options

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