golden arowana fish


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We will always here to let you know that Buy Golden Arowana Fish is the best for you. People love having exotic fish in their aquariums. They’ll pay big money for them, even when it’s illegal. And it turns out that some people will kill for the right fish.
Writer Sarah morgan plunged into this insane black market for her new book, “The Dragon Behind the Glass: A True Story of Power, Obsession and the World’s Most Coveted Fish,” which tells the story of what is maybe the world’s generally looked for after aquarium fish. We are very willing to give you the best of what we have on our farm because of you.
Buy Asian Red Arowana
We do delivery to many countries especially around the United State and Europe, all the fishes are shipped in good condition. Most people who shop here are from Europe and it’s because of the business relationship we have created. Our online chat is available 24/7 so if you have any questions just make sure that you contact.
Arowana home is the light of best Arowana fishes and we can assure you that most of our clients get real satisfaction.

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8-10 inches, 10-12 inches, 12-14 inches, 16-18 inches


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