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They are a long, flat, ray-finned (Actinopterygii) species with large eyes (offering them great hunting accuracy), a silvery, stream-lined body with large scales, and beautiful, tapered fins that fade from silvery to dark bluish-black with white to pale pinkish to orange edges. As evolved predators, Black Arowana have large, oblique mouths lined with small teeth rooted in their oral bones which include their jaws, tongue, pharynx and palate; they also possess forked barbels on the tip of their bottom jaw used for sensing disturbances on the water surface.

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Black Arowana Fish For Sale , is the usual name for this varieties. Our BLACK AROWANA is an Eastern breed, not a southerly American one, as well as is a distinct type with good body as well as scales. Every little thing features a certificate. Premium Grade Asian Arowana fishes from real breeders offered for sale currently

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We additionally have offered other sorts of decorative fresh water fishes available for sale, wen setupplete containers for clients who are interested, our arowana fishes sizes ranges from 4inch to 30 inch as well as rates varry with likewise deal with additional details feel free to contact us currently. 520L Cabinet Fish Tank, Aqueon 54 gallon fish tank ensemble

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High quality Grade Asian Arowana fishes from authentic dog breeders readily available for sale now, all our fishes are really healthy as well as will be provided alongside CITES and all needed ship to all lotions of the united states and also throughout the globe.Feeding Black arowana are strict carnivores, although they’re not especially picky eaters. They can be fed a combination of specialist cichlid or arowana pellets or flakes alongside a range of fresh, frozen or live meaty foods. Suitable foods include minnows, krill, ghost shrimp, large insects, spiders, tubifex worms and mealworms. Younger specimens should be fed two to three times each day, whereas adults should be fed just once a day. Feed only what they can finish in three to five minutes.

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