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The African Arowana, Nile Arowana (Heterotis niloticus), is a species of bonytongue. Despite being called an “Arowana”, the African Arowana is more closely related to arapaimas, the only other members in the Arapaimidae family, than the South American, Asian and Australian arowanas in the Osteoglossidae family (Arapaimidae is sometimes included in Osteoglossidae). Compared to these, the African Arowana has a more terminal mouth and is the only one that feeds extensively on plankton.

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African Arowana Fish For Sale Online

African Arowana Fish, also called Heterotis niloticus. One of the most unique fish in the ancient family of fish known as “bonytongues”, the African Arowana is widespread across freshwater habitats throughout the continent, where they tend to inhabit shallow river or stream banks close to reeds or other vegetation. They are the only fish in their family known to filter feed, sifting through sand and murky water for food items like tiny crustaceans and worms. In the aquarium, juvenile fish will require a steady supply of small food items like live brine or microworms fed several times per day.

Larger fish, starting at 2-3″ in size, are usually much easier to feed and will take to prepared foods quickly. They are fairly peaceful fish in the aquarium, and will usually not harass tankmates. Like all Arowana, they are accomplished jumpers so must be kept tightly covered at all times.

Classification of African Arowana

Profile: African Arowana, African Bony-tounge
Heterotis niloticus
Synonyms: Clupisudis niloticus, Sudis niloticus
Physical description: An elongated, laterally compressed species with a somewhat level back profile. The anal and dorsal fins run along the last one-third of the body. There is a cleft between these fins and the caudal fin.” The scales are large and the head is covered with bony plates. The general coloration is a light olive to silver gray, often with a silver iridescence. The head is small, while the eye is large.
Size/Length: To 36″ (90 cm)
Similar species: None
Habitat: Western and central Africa.

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